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Social selling 7 figure income earning expert helping entrepreneurs launch, brand or grow their existing online business.

My name is LeeAnne Hayden, at the age of 40, I stepped away from a successful corporate sales career to build an online social selling business. This business turned into a 7 figure income after years of hard work and dedication. During this time, I survived a very rare form cancer which left me in a colostomy for life. "It is the challenges that you face every day that make you stronger”, is my motto. I will show you how to make fear your ally, not your enemy.

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You have a great idea, but you just don't know how to get started? Are you unclear on exactly how to bring your vision to reality?

In this 60-minute Clear Vision 20/20 session, we will get crystal clear on your vision, assess exactly where you are today and devise a very detailed step by step methodology to help you grow your online business.

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Does your business offer a product or service? Are you trying to determine the best way to leverage social media to market it? Are you confused on which social media platforms will make you the most successful?

In this Social Media Masterclass, we will review all of the social media platforms available today, assess the benefits of each and develop a specific success plan to leverage your online business.

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Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Do you have an idea of something that you want to create and just don’t know how to get started? If you answered “yes”, then the Be Your Own Boss Academy was designed specifically for you.   

At the end of my 8-week interactive, video-based program you will have created a business plan, launched your own website, know how to reach your ideal client, have honed your own brand and understand the social selling strategies to grow your online business. 

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"I signed up for LeeAnne's Mastermind and it has helped me tremendously! I have gained so much confidence and knowledge about building my businesses. I have finally learned a way to brand myself (it was so hard trying to do this by myself) and not come off as salesy or spammy. I'm in awe of the hardwork LeeAnne has done with these courses that are helping so many! I'm glad I signed up when I did!"

Tamika J.
Organize Your Life

"LeeAnne is an amazing coach. This is the second business she’s helping me build."

Emmy S.
The Fit in You

""LeeAnne is incredible at teaching and making a person feel comfortable even if they don’t know what they are doing! She is a team player and wants everyone to succeed and she will make sure of that. I’m so grateful for her and everything she has taught me!""

Kelley T.
Addicted to the Climb

"I highly recommend LeeAnne in the City Social Media Masterclass course to anyone who is trying to grow and learn more about online selling and social media platforms. LeeAnne is an amazing woman and entrepreneur! She means business and will help you excel your social media presence and your online business!!"

Amanda P.
My Sister's Closet Boutique

"The Social Media Mastermind Course couldn’t have come at a better time! This taught me to focus in on my target market and restructure my social media sites to work together and represent my brand! The biggest take away for me was the importance of building my own brand first and integrate my other businesses within that. Total Game Changer!!!! Thanks LeeAnne for all your support and guidance!"

Maia Letitia
Maia Letitia Fitness

""LeeAnne, first off, I want to thank you for believing in me. This Social Media Mastermind course has awakened me to the power and importance of Social Media for your self and your own brand or business. I had no idea until LeeAnne showed and educated me about the power of making small and big changes to all of your sites. Right away, when I made those changes and did my first Facebook live video I landed my first client the next day. And get this, an old friend from Belgium. Absolutely amazing. LeeAnne's course brought light and empowerment to building my own brand through social media. Thank you LeeAnne, you are truly amazing, smart, patient and empowering." "

De Bouchard
Steel Crown Consulting

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