At the age of 40, I stepped away from a successful corporate sales career to build an online social selling business. This business turned into a 7 figure income after years of hard work and dedication. During this time, I survived a very rare form of cancer which left me in a colostomy for life. "It is the challenges that you face every day that make you stronger”, is my motto. I will show you how to make fear your ally, not your enemy.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who, while creating this business, built additional businesses, some successful and some I definitely learned from. Leveraging my skills in social media, I am equally adept at helping an existing business grow, showing a young entrepreneur how to launch their first business or create their own brand.    

I am also a holistic health coach, public speaker, wife, mother, grandmother, lover of fashion, beauty, health and all things New York City.  When the last of our children moved out, my husband and I sold our New Hampshire home along with everything in it, and moved to Manhattan. I fell in love with all this fast-paced city has to offer. I now call it home, although I frequently return to New Hampshire to spend time with family and friends.



  • Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP)
  • Certified Health Coach (IIN)
  • Health - Nutrition - Life Coach (Transformation Academy)
  • Whole Brain Dominance Thinking (Herrman Institute)
  • Dietary Supplement Advisor  (Udemy)
  • Sport Nutrition Consultant (Udemy) 
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