Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Do you have an idea of something that you want to create and just don’t know how to get started? If you answered “yes”, then the Be Your Own Boss Academy was designed specifically for you.   

At the end of my 8-week interactive, video-based program you will have created a business plan, launched your own website, know how to reach your ideal client, have honed your own brand and understand the social selling strategies to grow your online business. 

You have 2 choices self- taught or with weekly one on one calls with me!  You Choose!   

$997 One Time Payment
4 Monthly Payments of $297
$1997 One Time Payment includes 8 one on one Zoom Calls with me!
4 Monthly Payment of $527 Includes 8 one on one Zoom Calls with me!

What you will get in this 8 week program:

  • Week 1  - Getting Started
    • Getting a clear vision of what you want
    • Getting out of your own head
    • What is your business/brand
    • What are your products/services
    • Who is your ideal client 
  • Week 2 - Getting Started cont.. 
    • Naming your business 
    • Branding who you are
    • Financial plan = your worth & your rates 
    • Time Management 
    • Proof of Concept
  • Week 3 - Social Media
    • FaceBook overview
    • FaceBook Personal Page
    • FaceBook Business Page
    • FaceBook Stories
    • FaceBook Lives
    • FaceBook Groups
    • FaceBook Events
  • Week 4 - Social Media Cont... 
    • Instagram Overview 
    • Instagram Profile
    • Instastories
    • Instagram Highlights
    • Instagram - IGTV
    • YouTube overview
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIN
  • Week 5 - Website 
    •  Your Domain Name
    • Website platforms
    • Hosting platforms
    • Web design - colors, logos, font, style, pictures
    • Opt-in page
    • Landing Pages 
  • Week 6 - Marketing
    • Email Campaigns
    • Newsletters
    • Freemiums
    • List building
    • Blogging
    • Vlogging
    • Podcasts 
  • Week 7 - Growing your Audience
    • Networking
    • Hosting Events & Workshops
    • Collaborating with other businesses
    • Relationships with competitors
    • Creating a social media following
    • Community is in the comments
  • Week 8 - Keeping the business growing
    • Testimonials
    • Advertising
    • The press
    • Public Relations & Agents
    • Hiring a team 
    • SEO 
    • Analytics 
  • Bonus
    • Surprise bonus content 
$997 One Time Payment
4 Monthly Payments of $297
$1997 One Time Payment Includes 8 One on one Zoom Calls with me!
4 Monthly Payments of $527 Includes 8 One on One Zoom Calls with me!
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Emmy S.

The Fit in You

"LeeAnne is an amazing coach. This is the second business she’s helping me build."

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Maia Letitia

Maia Letitia Fitness

The Social Media Mastermind Course couldn’t have come at a better time! This taught me to focus in on my target market and restructure my social media sites to work together and represent my brand! The biggest take away for me was the importance of building my own brand first and integrate my other businesses within that. Total Game Changer!!!! Thanks LeeAnne for all your support and guidance!


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