5 tips to keep yourself motivated

business Feb 20, 2020

Hello my beautiful friends!

Today I am going to talk about five tips to keep you motivated. I have put out a challenge to some of the ladies that are in my Social Media Masterclass, I've challenged them to go LIVE on Facebook, with a video of the 5 things that they do to help keep them motivated.  I challenge you to do the same thing.   There are a lot of things that people can learn from each other, right?

Let’s dig right into it.  While working an online business from home is truly amazing and I love everything about it, it can sometimes be difficult to always stay motivated. 

Here are 5 tips that I do on an ongoing basis to stay motivated:

  1. Instead of grabbing my phone right away and getting lost in the scroll hole of social media as soon as I open my eyes I start to say, five affirmations that I repeat over and over to get my mind working in a positive way.  Then I grab my index cards. These index cards have my goals on one side and what would happen if I didn’t work towards them on the other.  Believe me it gets me out of bed in the morning! Then I grab my coffee and Bible and read for 20 minutes.    
  2. The second thing that I did that keeps me motivated is I created a vision board. I've done this every single year. I have a it is sitting in either in my bedroom when I'm working, or it's on the dining room table while I am working there. Vision boards are huge.   They are key to everything that you need you need to have your visions, your goals, your dreams in front of you all the time. When you do have those moments like, I just don't want to do this. Look at your vision board and be like, you know what I did say I want to accomplish back that my life is going to be amazing. So put your vision boards where you can see them, that will help you stay motivated.
  3. The third thing that I do to keep myself motivated is to call a friend who's going to kick my rear and I have plenty of my friends that can do that.  You ladies know I'm from Boston and I do live in New York, so I have plenty of friends that have the attitude that they are allowed to tell me like it is and they give me that little push, that loving nudge, that I might need in order to keep myself motivated. 
  4. The fourth thing that I do is, I say you know what, I'm not motivated to do it but let me start, let me start by doing one small little thing one small little thing, and cross it off the list could be, it could be for you, it could be making your bed, feeling of accomplishment right, taking the next step, could be putting on your sneakers to head out the door to say, I'm going to get to work now I'm still I'm in my workout clothes I haven't left yet but putting on your sneakers is the one thing that you could do to start to get to your goal right for me it's it from a business perspective, it is saying okay let me look at my list. And let me just cross off one little thing let me do one easy thing task that I can do today for my business, cross that off my list. And then I feel like oh I accomplished something. Okay, I can do that, let me go to the next thing, and the next.  Before you now it your motivation is back.
  5. The fifth thing that you can do, or that I do, is hire a coach. In the fitness world you have a coach, in the gym.  You can have a business coach.   You can have a coach that's free, or you can have a coach that you pay for that is going to actually push you a little bit more when you need to stay motivated. Always remember when you pay you pay attention.

Those are some of the things that I've done over the years and that I do now, in order to keep myself motivated.  I hope it helps! Let’s continue to crush your goals!