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Be Your Own Boss Mastermind Academy

Feb 07, 2020


I am truly humbled to say that the launch of the Social Media Masterclass was a huge success.  This was the final week of the program and the ladies who started this with me have seen great shifts in their mindset, how they take to social media with their ideal client in mind and have seen success in their businesses.  I am so proud of them.  I have now opened up the course to who ever is ready to work their social media in a way that will bring sales to you naturally.  Here is the link if you want to know more about it.  Social Media Masterclass.

That being said,  I am now also offering another program that really digs deep into your business.   It is an eight week program that will really help women who are looking to expand their brand and business in a huge way.   During the eight weeks we discuss in detail things from your brand, how to create a website and brand it, everything you need to know about marketing, email campaigns, blogs, podcasts, the social media course is in this one, how to grow your audience inside and outside of social media, advertising, public relations and way more!   The goal is to get your business off the ground or if you have an existing business how to grow it even more.   This course is launching on February 15th and I am only taking 5 ladies to start with.  I want to make sure I am giving everyone the attention they need.  To learn more about this program you can CLICK HERE




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