A new Partnership with NY & Company

business Feb 13, 2020

I am so excited to announced that I now have a partnership with NY & Co.  and there are some savings for YOU with it! 

I have worn NY & Co. clothes for such a long time, I am talking back in the 80's is when I started.   Their pants always seemed to fit perfectly and made me feel fantastic.   

Since launching LeeAnne in the City to offer Business Coaching as well as the podcast , beauty and health information, I have been practicing more of the social media tips I teach my clients and let me tell you IT'S WORKING!  That is how NY & Co. found me (on Instagram).   When I got the message from them I thought to myself did someone hack into their account? LOL .  The answer was NO they really do want me to work with them. 

Oh and Kate Hudson, Gabrielle Union and Eve Mendes all have their own lines with them!  In the photo below I am wearing a pair of Gabrielle Unions pants paired with a Kate Hudson sweater.  It is SO comfortable.   Also the clothes really do fit to their sizes.  

So here is what YOU get!   Click here NY & Co. Link , use the code NYCOFANS to save an additional $15 off any order of $30 or more.