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Age shouldn't define what you want to do, with Jodi Harrison Bauer

Jan 21, 2020

Can you be 58 and try out for the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated? Jodi Harrison Bauer did!   Click Here to listen to the Podcast.  

This one is a great one!  Jodi Harrison Bauer recently auditioned for Sports Illustrated 2020 Swimsuit issue, coming in at an impressive top 60 out of over 5,000 women most less than half her age!  She did it to create a platform for her message in supporting women of all ages stating that they’re never too young nor old to go after their dreams and no one has the right to slap an age label on a woman with an expiration date!

Jodi, at 59, is a Branford, CT, Boutique Fitness Studio Owner and a two-time World Fitness America and World Fitness Universechampion. NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Integrative NutritionalExpert, SCW Certified: Nutrition, Hormones, & Metabolism,  Les Millscertified BODYPUMP & CXWORX instructor, TRX certified, Barre Abovecertified, Pound certified, AFAA Group Fitness Certified InstructorHOWEVER, she didn’t start competing nor open a business until she was in her 40’s!

Jodi states, “We are living in a perplexing time when age discrimination should be a thing of the past, yet, while no one can legally ask what your age is when applying for a job, women are quietly being sized up and judged which can hurt their means to make a living and they’re loudly being judged on social media.”

She has been interviewed on Good Morning America’s Strahan & Sara, a Sunday cover and story in the New York PostInside Edition,PeopleMaxim, German TV’s RTL Entertainment show, and many more!

She is a motivation like no other!  


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