Are you talking to me?

business Mar 10, 2020

Creating Content for your business focusing on your ideal person.

With the world of blogging, vlogging, Social Media, and the like it has become more and more difficult to stand out in the crowd.  However, you can stand out!  What I will teach you here will bring more clients to you as long as you follow the process.  This will also be the most difficult for you to do.

What am I talking about? I am talking about only creating content and focusing on 1 specific person, not an entire target market. Just 1 person in mind. Now I know most of you are like but LeeAnne everyone is my target market!  I want to sell to everyone!  I want everyone to read what I write and/or buy what I am selling, and/or join my team! I get it, I truly do. I used to think this way as well. However, when I applied these specific steps and started to create MY person, my voice became louder.  Content became easier to write and my team started to grow faster, and my sales went up. Why? Because every time I spoke to anyone, I knew exactly what I was going to say and why.

You can use these techniques whether you have a small startup business, a network marketing business, are in real estate and more. 

Now let’s get into it.  Go grab your journal or a sheet a paper and a pen and start answering the following questions. The more specific you can get with your answers the better, so, take your time.

  1. Is your ideal person a male or female?
  2. What is the exact age of your person?
  3. What is their hair color, eye color, skin color, height and weight?
  4. Are they married or single?
  5. Do they work full time or part time?
  6. What industry are they in?
  7. What is their income?
  8. Do they have a small family or large one?
  9. Do they have children? If so, how many? Boys or girls?  What are the children’s ages?  Are these children in school, college or out and married?
  10. What car does your person drive? What’s the year, make, model and color?
  11. Where does your person grocery shop? Whole Foods, Hannaford, Wegmans or any other store?
  12. Where does your person shop for their clothing?
  13. What magazines and/or books does your person read?
  14. Do they watch TV? If so what shows?
  15. Do they dine out or eat at home?
  16. Where do they live? What actual city, town, country.
  17. Where do they work? At home, online or in an office?
  18. Do they exercise? If so, what do they like the most, classes, yoga, lifting weights, running, walking?
  19. Do they eat healthy or do they love pizza every night?
  20. Do they consume alcohol? If so, what is their favorite drink, how often and where do they go?
  21. What is their favorite color to wear? What type of clothing dresses, suits, jeans, yoga pants?
  22. What kind of music do they listen to?
  23. What are their favorite hobbies?
  24. What else can you think of about this person?
  25. What is their name? Yes, you need to name them!

Can you visualize your person now?  This really is the secret to a lot of success.  Every time you create a piece of content and you have your ideal person in mind it will be so much easier. You will start to hear people say, “It’s like you were talking directly to me!”, “How did you know I needed to hear this today?”  and “Thank you for giving me the space I needed!”  

When these messages start to come into your inbox, you are going to feel amazing!  Your sales will start to increase, and your following will start to grow even more.   People who then follow you will start to share your content and other people (who are exactly like your ideal person) will start to follow!

Now go and give it a try and don’t forget to let me know who it goes. I want to know all the things and continue to support you in your growing journey!

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