Being fearless together

new york city Apr 22, 2020

I hope you are healthy and safe as is your family. I know it's hard to say doing great in these crazy times that we're living in. As you guys know I live in Manhattan and am looking out my window right now at the quiet of the city. Sunday my husband and I took a long walk, it’s been a while since we’ve been out for more than just to quick run to the store. For the last five weeks we have been in our apartment, which is about 840sq ft. The two of us have worked from home for the last nine years, so, to look at our lives, they haven’t changed too much except I’m not going to the gym, we're not wandering around the city and going out to dinners, but the typical work from work from home day for us has not changed. I work either at my desk in the bedroom or I'm at the dining room table and John is in his corner in the living room.  We have been blessed and good news too is our family is still healthy and everybody is still in good shape

So, Sunday, we decided to go for this walk, there were people around but it's not the hustle and bustle of the city -- it was eerie. 75% of the people had masks on and the ones ones that didn't were those running or biking.  When we weren't around a group of people, I did take my mask off to get some fresh air, believe it or not, you can get fresh air in New York City right now.

We want to give back in some way. So last week I did a special for the social media masterclass I created. You could download and join the course.  It’s a five-module self-taught course teaching you how to use social media to build a business or to sell through social media. I offered that free for last week and I keep trying to think about things that we can do from a taking care of each other kind of an aspect so Sunday while we were walking through the city, we brought  bunch of power bars in a bag, and gave them away to some police officers, the happiness in their faces and the gratitude of Thank you when I just handed them a power bar and said guys, I just want to say thank you for what you're doing for us one of the officers was just like, thank you, thank you so much the gratitude from him made me feel really good.   So, every time I saw a homeless person, I passed out a couple of bars to each one of them to tuck away safely. They were so grateful. You know that one little reach out, that one little thank you.

I started to think about what other things we all do as a community.  We know that when we give, we feel good. I have a friend named Kimberly who created a Facebook group, inside the group people are sharing a story about themselves or their children and their Amazon Wishlist. So, you go into this group share your story, share your Amazon Wishlist, ask people to share their list inside your post, choose a few people to and purchase something their wish list for amazon to send them something.  What a great way to surprise people and do something nice! 

 There is another woman here in the city who owns a toy store in downtown Manhattan,  when we everything shut down she started to think what  she could  do to keep her business surviving,  What she decided to do was to take it online, you can donate money and she will choose toys to send to homeless or less fortunate children.  What a great idea to keep her business going and giving back all at the same time

Some of the other things too that I know you guys have seen this, are so many fitness professionals are giving away free content so that we can keep our minds and bodies healthy and you can tip them!   What another great way of giving back on both sides!

I think is so important especially nowadays, to lift people up. There are concerns about the suicide rates and mental health, so why not reach out to people, write someone a note, Facetime someone.  Pour into people, give to people, doing something small for someone can lead to huge things. People do well when they're thought, so this week what can you do?  What are some of the ideas you have?  Or are you someone that needs something? We are all in this together so let’s make sure we are taking care of each other.