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Can you wear Green Eyeshadow when you have Green Eyes? Oh and look the FREEDOM TOWER!

Dec 03, 2019

I did a FaceBook Live this morning and decided to use the cream green eyeshadow with my green eyes to see how it came out! I’d say not so bad!

Also, the Freedom Tower had a crazy little cloud around it today! Check it out in the video!

Here is the list of products I used:

  • VFX Primer

  • VFX Foundation #2

  • Concealer (Light Ivory)

  • 3-1 Palette

  • Lip Liner #222

  • Liquid Lipstick # 3

  • Brow Mascara (blonde)

  • Extreme Curl Mascara

  • On the eyes I used:

    • Tender Blush #3, Mono Eyeshadow (Coffee Brown)

    • & Cream Eyeshadow (GREEN BEAN)

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As always! I hope you found this helpful!!


LeeAnne in the City!




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