I poop in a bag, what is your super power?

ostomy Jan 15, 2020

Guess what today is?????

It's "Ivan's 4th Birthday!!!!!

Four years ago today my amazing Drs, Dr Leslie Demars and Dr Joga Ivatury removed a huge tumor out of my pelvis and I woke up ALIVE and in a colostomy which I named (Ivan) after Dr Ivatury, for life.

The first thing I asked Dr Ivatury when I woke up was "did we get the f'r" he smiled and said yes.

The next thing I asked John was "am I in a bag?" He reluctantly said "yes". My reaction?? "Ok now let's get me out of here so we can go to California".

I had such a different view on life when I woke up. God left me here to do some work and I was not going to let HIM down by playing small. I was going to live my life HUGE and give back to this world as much as I can.

That's the way I've spent these last four years and I can't wait to see where my life goes from here!  I want to bring everything I have personally been through to all of you so that you may grow and live the life you want and deserve! 

Huge thank you to my wonderful Drs, my amazing family, my friends, all of you and especially to GOD for allowing me to remain.

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