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2 Tricks I use UNDER my foundation that make a huge difference!

beauty Feb 21, 2020

In today's video I share a couple of tricks I have recently learned.   Usually we do these steps over the foundation however doing them under makes an even better outcome!   

Don't forget to share your outcomes with me on Instagram when you try them! 

Look forward to seeing your results!


Link to the makeup I use

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When you LOVE what you do, you can do it all, with Paula Harvey

beauty podcast Jan 14, 2020

In LeeAnne in the City's 3rd episode guest Paula Harvey,  Fitness Professional in EVERYTHING, Choreographer, self taught Makeup Artist, DJ, JLO's biggest fan, teaches you that when you LOVE what you do, you can do it ALL! 

In this episode we talk about how to:

  • Having your besties and having fun together 
  • Scott Barnes makeup, techniques & brushes 
  • How to teach yourself to do makeup 
  • JLO of course 
  • How Prince was her hall pass 
  • The difference in...
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My dream of becoming OPLEN is happening!!

beauty business health podcast Jan 09, 2020

Good morning ladies! 

So yesterday something amazing happened!   I have dreamt for a long time about having my own show.  I love to interview people, years ago I said I wanted to be called "Oplen" You know a mixture of Oprah and Ellen LOL. Well yesterday my first episode of my new podcast dropped on iTunes!   

What I wanted to create for you is a place you can come and laugh, relax, have a good time and learn something along the way!   I have been...

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Can you wear Green Eyeshadow when you have Green Eyes? Oh and look the FREEDOM TOWER!

beauty Dec 03, 2019

I did a FaceBook Live this morning and decided to use the cream green eyeshadow with my green eyes to see how it came out! I’d say not so bad!

Also, the Freedom Tower had a crazy little cloud around it today! Check it out in the video!

Here is the list of products I used:

  • VFX Primer

  • VFX Foundation #2

  • Concealer (Light Ivory)

  • 3-1 Palette

  • Lip Liner #222

  • Liquid Lipstick # 3

  • Brow Mascara (blonde)

  • Extreme Curl Mascara

  • On the eyes I used:

    • Tender Blush #3, Mono Eyeshadow...

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My Farmasi Makeup Tutorial for the day

beauty Sep 30, 2019

Here is today’s look! I hope you enjoy it! Products used below!

Today’s look from my Facebook LIVE. Thank you for watching!!

Farmasi products used:

Age Reversist skincare system

Age Reversist exceptional cream

VFX PRO camera ready primer

Full coverage liquid concealer #4

Luminous serum foundation #5

Contour stick

Terra Cotta Highlight powder #15

Tender blush on cheeks #15

Eyebrow liner in medium

Tender blush #3 on eyelid and crease

Mono eyeshadow #4 in crease, corner and under eye...

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