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5 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated


Hello my beautiful friends!

Today I am going to talk about five tips to keep you motivated. I have put out a challenge to some of the ladies that are in my Social Media Masterclass, I've challenged them to go LIVE on Facebook, with a video of the 5 things that they do to help keep them motivated.  I challenge you to do the same thing.   There are a lot of things that people can learn from each other, right?

Let’s dig right into it.  While working an online business...

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A new Partnership with NY & Company

I am so excited to announced that I now have a partnership with NY & Co.  and there are some savings for YOU with it! 

I have worn NY & Co. clothes for such a long time, I am talking back in the 80's is when I started.   Their pants always seemed to fit perfectly and made me feel fantastic.   

Since launching LeeAnne in the City to offer Business Coaching as well as the podcast , beauty and health information, I have been practicing more of the social...

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What can you let go of to be able to receive more?

New podcast up on LeeAnne in the City featuring Jessica Glazer!

Jess is a full time entrepreneur(business coach), CEO, and celebrity personal trainer in NYC.
After 8 years teaching elementary school and building a successful health/fitness "side hustle", she quit her comfortable, secure job to go all in and take a risk on herself.
Since leaving her job in 2017, she has more than 10x'd her old salary, hired a team of incredible heart centered humans, served hundreds of clients,...
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