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Whatever you are feeling in your gut & being pulled to do, GO FOR IT! with Lindsay Messina Bergman

This week's Podcast Feature is with the beautiful Lindsay Messina Bergman 

Lindsay Messina is a mother of 2 little girls, WBFF Pro & Bikini World Champion 2012 & 2013,  QVC fitness expert, 20+ Worldwide magazine covers, Fitness host, built multiple 6 figure online coaching businesses.  Coached thousands around the world based on health, fitness, business & branding.  
She went from fitness model shape to gaining 80+ pounds with both pregnancies, now mastering...

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I did a thing! United Ostomy Association of America Feature Article

Well I did a thing! I know, I know I am always doing a thing lol. I have been posting about Ivan a lot more and the United Ostomy Associations of America asked if they could feature me and Ivan on their website to help grow ostomy awareness! I feel so honored and blessed to help as many people as I can.  Read the Article Here.

The UOAA promotes quality of life for people with ostomies and continent diversions through information, support, advocacy and collaboration.

United Ostomy...

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